About Us


Games Austria aims to help create a healthier and stronger games sector in Austria and the larger Central European Area by connecting game developers, growing the games sector and increasing its visibility.


To Connect the games sector in Austria and larger Central European area
We are connecting all members of the local games sector in Austria and beyond as an information hub and by organising events.

To Support - Grow the games sector
We are directly and indirectly supporting the growth of the games sector in Austria. We do so by easing access to local, regional and global events, supporting funding initiatives and advocating diversity in the games sector. We act as a supporter and facilitator.

To Promote - Increase visibility
We are promoting Austria as a top location for games development. We are actively positioning Austria in the Central European games development landscape and facilitating local, regional and global networking.

Games Austria is a non-profit organization and evolved from the IGDA Vienna Chapter. Its main goals are connecting, informing, promoting and supporting the Austrian Games Industry.

IGDA Vienna, the Vienna Chapter of the International Game Developers Association was founded on 1st August 2002, when game developers needed to connect with like-minded people. Today, the third generation of chapter leaders matured the chapter within 2.75 years to today's Games Austria platform.

Proving, that volunteerism can advance a field, like ours, and with many events in our track record, we are stepping up to support our industry. Help us by joining the team!

Our Team

Mariebeth Aquino


Mariebeth is an opportunity maker and a community-driven entrepreneur, who co-founded and chairs Games Austria. She has instigated many initiatives, mostly known for the Central European Games Conference, whereby she manages an entirely volunteer-driven distributed team as Executive Director.

Simon Wallner


Simon grew up with the ever evolving Viennese game dev scene. He is a game jam co-organiser, part time developer and currently working on his master’s thesis on play testing and data analysis. He likes to teach, whenever they let him.

Matthias Maschek


Matthias is the founder of AgentDroid which designs and develops games and interactive applications for international partners.

Philipp Ehmann


Philipp is co-founder and curator of Play:Vienna, Austria’s first festival for games in public spaces. He is also co-founder of and game designer with the street game conspiracy. His work has been curated in over 10 countries. He focuses mainly on non-digital, experimental game design and pervasive games in public and private spaces.

Claus Scheiblauer


Claus studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology. He has a PhD in computer science for developing new algorithms and data structures for interacting with gigantic point clouds. After finishing his studies he joined Greentube, where he is working as a web developer.

Johannes Deml

Job Board

Johannes is a computer science student at the Vienna University of Technology. He is passionate about games and develops games in his spare time. For Games Austria he is working on the job board and helping to organize IGDA Vienna Meetups.

Michael Ziermair

Project Manager

Michael grew up fascinated by computer games. He has studied business administration and Austria and moved on specilaising in project management, which he studied at Warwick Universtity. After finishing his studies he has joined A1, where he took on the role of project manager.

Silvia Gaetano

Social Media

Silvia grew up with video games from all genres and platforms and is often found posting on social media (most assume her right hand and phone have merged). She studied Computer Science and paused her current languages degree to work at the IAEA. With her ninja multilingual abilities, she hopes to overcome all cultural barriers to engage and unite the gaming community.

Our Advisory Board


Martin Pichlmair


Alexander Hofmann


Jan Wagner


Michael Putz