Austria Game Jam

game-jamSimilar to a musical jam session, people of different backgrounds (design, technical, arts, audio, …) get together in small groups to work on new game ideas. Within only 48 hours, they move from the initial concept to a fully working prototype of the game they envision. Since 2010, the Austria Game Jam has been part of the worldwide Global Game Jam, an event that takes place on a single weekend in 450+ locations in 73 countries all over the world. In 2014 it united more than 23500 participants in their goal to create new and interesting game ideas.



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Over the last years, Austria Game Jam has established itself as a key event in the Austrian video game development community. Only through the constant support of our many partners from the industry, academia, and other stakeholders was it possible to create this comprehensive space for innovation in digital games.



In 2014, Austria Game Jam celebrated its 5th anniversary, and we are already looking forward to at least another 5 years of game jamming. agj14_flyer-285x300