Member Benefits

Games Austria aims to help create a healthier and stronger games sector in Austria and the larger Central European Area by connecting game developers, growing the games sector and increasing its visibility.

Some of our Games Austria Projects are:

  • annual Central European Games Conference
  • monthly events (e.g. DrinkUps, talks, workshops or networking events)
  • Game Jams and presentations at educational institutions and other organizations

We promote games and companies from Austria also on a global level, and these are some of our international Games Austria initiatives:

  • International cooperations with organizations and events
  • Scholarships for selected conferences
  • Central European Initiatives (e.g. Women In Games in CE, CE Summit, etc.)

We have many more projects and initiatives, to learn more get in touch with us or find a list on our homepage soon!

Games Austria is volunteer-driven and supports game developers to strengthen the ecosystem. If you want to help us advance the ecosystem and support Games Austria and influence our direction, get a membership for a symbolic fee:

  • Free Membership
  • Full Individual Membership, €25 per year
  • Full Company Membership, €100 per year

With a Free Membership you show support for Games Austria and our projects.

With an Individual Membership you additionally get access to the community and the Games Austria Network. You also become eligible for the Scholarship Programs, and you will receive discounts for CEGC and other events. There are many more benefits, but you will also have voting rights at the Games Austria general assembly.

With a Full Membership you get all benefits of the Individual Membership, but additionally you will gain easy access to joint initiatives, and discounts at conferences. You will get promotion and recruiting opportunities on our channels and many more benefits. And of course, you receive voting rights at the general assembly.

You can sign up for a membership here.

For questions, email or