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Company Members

Actionwerk is offering the development of professional games and apps. With a strong focus on visualization Actionwerk will make any app stand out.
Emanuel Amler
Emanuel Amler is a 3D Artist/Animator and works successfully in the games industry since 2000.
Artcue is currently developing Guild of Dragons.
Black Crow Games
Black Crow Games creates beautiful casual games for everyone and for every device - because you should have fun, even if you only have limited time.
Bongfish is an independently owned game development studio, specializing in a high-tech approach to game development.
GameStage wants to communicate the diversity of the medium computer game, and wants to connect game enthusiasts and creators in Linz and Austria. Games as cultural and social phenomenon shall be freed from prejudice, experiences and ideas shall be exchanged.
Greenheart Games
Greenheart Games was founded in July 2012 by brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug with a mission to develop games that are fun to play rather than mind-numbing money grabbers. Less social, less ville, more game is their motto.
Impetus Games
Impetus Games is independent game development studio based in Vienna, Austria. They create computer games like those they played for countless hours when they were young. So for their games they focus on rich gameplay, challenging mechanics and interesting characters.
Microsoft supports game developers with tools like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
rudy-games develop games that combine traditional board games and computer games to create a novel game experience.
vrei is Europe's first virtual reality lounge, in the center of Vienna. It is also a hub and pool for enthusiasts and know-how. It shall be possible for everybody to experience virtual reality on their own. Developers can also present their projects there.

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